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Kerrick Thunderwash

Powerfull domestic or light commercial unit. Comes with extra turbo wand for high impact cleaning. 2150 psi 8 lpm flowrate.

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Kerrick CM1012

Electric 240v auto stop unit on trolley. 1500psi and 12lpm flowrate.

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Kerrick BE2509M

Honda 5hp with trolley. Great for home or farm use. 2500psi and 9lpm flowrate.

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Kerrick HC 2511

This petrol driven model has the best of all worlds! Genuine, American built Honda engine coupled to the Rolls Royce of high pressure pumps, a Cat 3DX.

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Kerrick HI3012B

Honda red motor 9hp. Commercial use direct drive Inter pump. 3000 psi and 12 lpm flowrate.

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Kerrick HH3017

Honda 13hp red motor commercial use. Reduction gearbox onto Hawk pump. Our most popular commercial cleaner for pathways and roof cleaning. Runs a Whirlaway easily. 3000 psi and 17 lpm flowrate.

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Kerrick Whirlaway

450mm unit with wheels designed to cut job time drastically. Also available for roof cleaning.

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Kerrick HC4015

Fantastic 4000 psi pressure with 15 LPM makes for a great pressure cleaner. Honda industrial engine with heavy duty triplex ceramic plunger 3 piston CAT pump with stainless steel valves.

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